Books written by the Fowke family span a variety of topics including science, agricultural economics, business and folklore.

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Cells are Life by Larry Fowke, PhD

Published in 2021

 All living organisms consist of cells.  Cells are fascinating structures,  Three types of cells have been identified, bacterial, plant and animal. This book emphasizes plant cells.

Cells are Life would be an excellent reference book for any students taking general biology or cell biology at the university level. It would be a useful addition to high school libraries to strengthen their biology program.  I anticipate that members of the educated lay public will be interested in cells and their importance to humans and all other life forms on earth.

Plant Protoplasts edited by Larry Fowke, PhD and Fred Constabel, PhD

Published in 1985

Protoplast isolation and culture; Regeneration of plants; Protoplasts for studies of cell organelles; Protoplast fusion, Plant protoplasts and the cell cycle; Isolated protoplasts as laboratory tools in the study of cell wall deposition; Cytodifferentiation; The use of protoplasts for studies on membrane transport in plants; Protoplasts in virology; Plant protoplasts and genetic variation; Plant mutant isolation via protoplasts; Hybridization by somatic cell fusion; Plant protoplast transformation by Agrobacterium in relation to plant biotechnology.

The Smart Creative by Don Fowke FCMC and Bonnie Fowke CMC

Published in 2017

Learn how to identify, develop, challenge and retain the managerial and technical leadership your company needs to succeed in the 21st century. Meet the smart creative, understand their developmental needs in a way you can be sure to keep them growing, and power your company’s growth. This is human resource strategy at its scientific best. At a time when brightest programmer, systems engineer, or skilled manager can yield an order of magnitude more productivity than the average, here is the key to unlocking the brain power you need to succeed.

An interview with Don Fowke about the book can be found here on YouTube.

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The National Policy and the Wheat Economy, by Vernon C. Fowke

Originally published in 1957

Canadian Agriculture Policy The Historical Pattern by Vernon C. Fowke

Originally published in 1946

Canadian Agriculture in War and Peace 1935-1950, by George E. Britnell and V. C. Fowke

Originally published in 1962